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Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

As a husband and wife team, Drs. Ken and Roxane Spence have a sincere appreciation of true family dentistry in College Station, Texas. They're committed to making Aggieland Dental Associates a dental clinic where everyone feels welcome and part of the family. 

Friendly-Family Dentistry in College StationCollege Station Family Dentist

We invite people of all ages to our office – from children to grandparents. We know that the health of your teeth can affect your appearance, chewing, and speech throughout your life -- connecting to your overall well-being, which is why we take a comprehensive oral health approach to caring for patients of all ages.

Our preventive and general dental treatments for the whole family include:

• Routine teeth cleanings and check-ups
• Sealants
• Fluoride varnishes
• Tips for brushing and flossing at home
• Oral cancer screenings
• Periodontal (gum) therapy
• Restorations, like dental crowns and fillings

Family dentistry means normalizing the dental experience for young or fearful patients. Sometimes dental anxieties develop because of a bad experience, but often, especially with kids, it's simply because they don't know what to expect. Our goal is to help every member entire family feel relaxed and comfortable at our dental office. Drs. Roxane and Ken Spence take a gentle approach with patients of all ages and explain treatments to help children and adults feel at-east.

In addition to general and preventive care, the team at Aggieland Dental Associates is prepared to offer a full range services for members of your family at age, which may include orthodontic, cosmetic, and restorative procedures for  older adults, or braces, veneers, crowns, implants and dentures – depending on your needs and oral health condition.

We Focus on Patient Education

Our College Station family dental office provides patient education wherever possible. Using one-on-one discussions with our dentists, videos, brochures and other resources, we teach our patients the basics of oral care and walk them through the benefits of every procedure. We encourage patients to ask questions so they understand all the options they have.

Drs. Spence welcome children into the office as early as possible, as young as one year old, so they can become familiar with the environment. Dr. Roxane has experience in dental treatment for children, allowing us provide great dental care to our youngest patients.   

Get a Healthy Smile for Life – Contact our College Station Family Dentists

To make an appointment for yourself or a family member, call our office at (979) 696-4511, or use our appointment request form. We look forward to serving as your home for trusted family dentistry.